Truncated Debate

Any important decision requires proper thought and reflection. Time to process all the facts, get things straight and make a well-informed, appropriate judgement. However it’s not always that simple to tell what is fact, what is fiction and what is pure speculation. With more and more contradictory information coming from all sides, the clarity of the situation can get lost and confusion can run amok!

A playful look at the Scottish Independence debate, explored through music, physicality and IKEA furniture. This piece is influenced by Jock’s experience of the referendum and was the official birth of the Trunk(s) and Egg.

Created and performed for National Theatre of Scotland’s Five Minute Theatre in May, and broadcast in June 2014.


Director: Jock Maitland

Trunks: Shona Cowie, Chriss Therese Gjerde Granberg, Clara Henry, Dylan Read and Kennosuke Sagawa

Egg: Olivia Rose

Musicians: Bendik Sjømæling Nordgaard  and Omen Sade

Video and Photos: Tristan Burlot