Mr. Gundersen's Kerfuffle

When humankind realise that they are wading knee deep in waste they have created through their gluttonous and ignorant ways, they decide to rocket it all out into the dark, empty void that is space. Out of sight, out of mind. What they do not know, is that their toxic, destructive trash crashes into another world, the world of the Trunks! These curious creatures playfully interact with their new and unknown ‘treasures’, enjoying the vibrant colours and amazing entertainment it has to offer. But all that glitters is not gold - and toxic waste will never be anyone’s food. Gradually, plastic bag by plastic bag, the garbage threatens to consume their world, and the lives of the trunks are changed forever. If the ‘monstrous’ garbage is not stopped, it might be the end of them all! 

This is a non-verbal performance, where the soundscape plays a vital role in accompanying the virtuous physical story telling. The manipulators establish a playful personal connection with the audience, inviting them to accompany the trunks on their extraordinary journey. The theme of recycling is mirrored through the scenography, which is made of garbage and discarded materials; one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.

‘Mr. Gundersen’s Kerfuffle’ was devised in Oslo in October 2015 and was re-developed in the spring of 2016. The show has been performed across Norway, in Prague and Tallinn to over 1000 children. 

Project supported by the municipality of Trondheim, KUBA, FARK, ReMida and Isak cultural center.


Actors: Chriss Therese Gjerde Granberg, Jock Maitland, Bendik Sjømæling Nordgaard and Eric Zimmerman.

Light and sound technician: Øyvind Jo Heimdal Eik/Jon Erik Rekdal

Pictures: Katarzyna Wit

Video: Leoh produksjoner